Medical wire harness manufacturers bring traditional wire harness, wire harness processing enterpris

Issuing time:2021-07-30 10:49

The predicament of traditional enterprises [wiring harness, wiring harness processing] :

Manufacturing companies today account for 90 percent of China's jobs, and more than 60 percent of them are family-owned. These manufacturing bosses have several distinct characteristics:

Medical wire harness manufacturers say they will not change the existing family business, adhere to family management, to stability as the center of gravity.

Inherits the father's business, but the cash grasps in own hand, only hand over management right, does not hand over financial right.

Insist on capital preservation, prefer to exchange cash into assets, rather than productive investment.

The long-term thinking mode of small and medium-sized manufacturing bosses is: take the boss as the market, take the bank as the customer, take the circle as the management, and take the adjustment as the operation. This kind of thinking grows up with Chinese human society and ethical culture. Today, the biggest problem faced by the transformation of China's manufacturing industry is the problem of the boss himself. The traditional control organization logic is invalid in the Internet era, and whether the boss can keep up with The Times is the basis point for the survival of the organization.

Traditional [industrial wire harness, wire harness, electronic wire harness] enterprises in the face of product homogenization, supply exceeds demand saturated market, labor costs rise, raw materials rise, customer price reduction, multiple pressure to survive, if not the transformation positioning of the enterprise to do specialized, do fine, positioning in the segment, such as: Automobile brake system wiring harness, tail box wiring harness, ATM machine wiring harness, enterprises must not go far, do not fine.

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